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The puppies were born in 25.03.2013. Dara started to give birth slightly before mid day. Everything seemed effortless and in slightly under 3 hours it was over and 7 perky puppies were born. The puppies weighed 325-420 as they were born.

Dara takes good care of her new wonderful family. The puppies are industrious eaters and make quite a noice while eating in the box. In the box there crawls little ones called: Atte, Alvari, Anselmi, Alli, Aini, Aija and Anja. Time will tell what they will be named in their own homes once they grow up.


Today we celebrated April Fool’s day among with the puppies’ 1 week birthday and the weekly weighting. The puppies have grown up so fast and it could be seen from the weekly weighting also. Anselmi has kept his place as the litter’s chunk (760g) even though Alvari is right on his heels. Tables have turned on the other side as Atte has chomped himself past Aija who is now the smallest of the litter or atleast lightest with the weight of 620g. At this time most of the girlpack are at the weight of 600g.

Dara keeps taking good care of her family even though she has started to get along with the others more occasionally when the pups are asleep. But as soon as there is voices coming from the box Dara goes check if they need food or change of diapers or both.


Yesterday we celebrated the 2 weeks birthday. The puppies have grown vastly and they are very alert as well as speedy on their walking exercises, although these exercises don’t last very long till they get tired. Attached pictures of Anselmi’s crank moment, Dara went outside and other sisters started to sleep prettily but for some reason Anselmi was irritated and he kept waddling and whining here and there while terrorizing others’ sleeping .

Everyone’s eyes are starting to be open as you can see from the pictures. Weekly weighting was performed and the puppies weighted 970-1190g. Aija is still the smallest, Anselmi and Alvari are leading on their own 100’s at a stalemate.


The puppies turned 3 weeks old yesterday and there has already happened a lot of new things in their lives. First anthelmintic was taken last week. First guests have already come by admiring the puppies and the rest of the future pup owners are expected to come by at the end of the week. Puppies have been taken over by the thirst of freedom, walls of the pup box are starting to be obstacle to the outside world. Each in turn keeps peeking over the edge also the yelling is quite loud from time to time.

Expanding the living space is without a doubt in the near future’s schedule. Puppies keep growing up with good speed. There is no point dreaming about accurate weight numbers while the puppies are swinging around the scale but it can be noticed that everyone has grown atleast 500g some even over 550g. I would estimate the largest fellow to be Alvari and the next one to be Anselmi, Aija is still the smallest.


It is time for the 4 weeks birthday update. There has happened a lot of interesting things in the puppies’ lives the past week. The playground was expanded and there was very fun to romp after slight confusion at the start. The future owners have come by to see the puppies very often. Unfortunately one of the breeders got sick second time in a short time and we had to delay they last guests but hopefully we can meet soon with the rest. Familiarizing with solid food was started by serving some minced meat. It seemed to taste very well and caused some traffic jam at the feeding bowl, afterwards just regular pup food has been tasted aswell and it has also been noted delicious.

Mom’s milk bar is still a cool thing and has quite a traffic jam still. Some prancing around and playing after the dinner until they get sleepy and go to sleep. Also teeth have popped and the small spike teeth are tested on all kinds of things… I am on holiday now till May Day so the puppecam might aswell be up from morning during the holidays.


Again a week has gone by and the puppies turned already 5 weeks yesterday. All kinds of interesting stuff happened again on last week in the puppies’ world. Guests have come by still even though the little ones have usually been asleep during their visit. Luckily Puppecam shows that they really do play intensively sometimes so that underlays blow up. Now there really is space to play around intensively because at May Day the little fellows got into a large pen. At the same time puptoilet came to use and there has been a lot of marveling at it, after the initial astonishment also some romping but accidentally something has also hit the toilet so maby it will eventually still fulfill its purpose.

Food is eaten with great passion and Dara is still nursing the pups along with her other hurries. The puppies have now also gotten to be more with Kerttu and Kukka. Granny kerttu goes to turn around at the pup den sometimes (but goes away fast when the pup herd comes at her). Kukka has stayed out from the den for now.


The puppies turned six weeks on Monday and are starting to be quite a shagers. Outdoor activities begun at May Day starting with going outside of the puppy den, but we had to release the puppies to play at the yard as soon as the first acrobat as known as Aini climbed over the fence and terribly brave and wild hikers they are. Sometimes I have to shout after “the lost one” but from somewhere it always comes back fast unless it has deepen itself into something exciting such as digging a pit or chewing bush branches.

We also went to a veterinarian check today. We got to listen to some choral singing at the start of the mileage but they silenced before we arrived and there the kind and sleepy puppies got examined. The audit did not reveal anything new, Anselm had underbite but that was already known also the other testicle is still waiting to decent, but I think it is there yet to come in the near future, both could already be felt on the brothers.

I guess I need to figure out at Friday the latest as who moves to which family, at Friday each puppy receives a microchip and I can get the registering at Kennel club done over the weekend. Just amazing to think that week after tomorrow the first of the small ones moves to their own home!


The last few weeks with the puppies like a snap, weather started to be wonderfully summery and the puppies had a lot of outdoor exercise, while being inside they slept a lot as many could tell by watching the puppe cam. A quite breezy and independent expedition was formed which took over most of the yard. The favorite place would be the coaster of sauna’s stair where some kind of recess was dug in gravel and in which all kinds of stuff was dragged into sometimes with the strength of 3 puppies accompanied by a horrible snarl. Fortunately the stuff was brought back as well, so the toys and other stuff left remaining there would be there for the next litter to discover. Mummy dogs won’t have room either in the hole in question.

Eventually the time for separation came and the puppies began to change into their own homes. Fortunately I have received wonderful messages, phone calls and some pictures that tell the puppies thrive in their new homes and have been very brisk. Atte changed his name to Alvin and traveled to Kirkkonummi in the care of the Aalto family. Anselmi nowadays known as Boris lives in Herttoniemi with Lotta and Harri, Alvari traveled to Voikkaa as the dog of Suleva’s family. Anja now known as Mimi lives in Nurmijärvi in Förström Family, Alli was sought to Kirkkonummi in Kalajo family and got christened as Marta, Aija remained in Porvoo but moved to Kevätkumpu for the joy of Kahari family and is now known as Milana, and Aini’s name was changed to Della and home address is the same as The mommy Dara.

Good luck to all Dara’s and Edvin’s puppies with their families! Additionally the last pictures of the puppies from Saturday when some of the puppies had already been around the world Kerttu – grandma fell in to play with the pups...

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