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Our D-litter is arrived. The first one was born at 23.20 on Sunday eve, a first male puppy, and the second one followed after half an hour. After 6 boys came the only bitch, and one male more after here, and finally one dead puppy. I am happy everything went well, fast and naturally, and Wilda is a good caring mother.

So we have 7 males and one bitch puppy in th whelping box. They are named as Danny, Derek, Dante, Dylan, Diesel, Dale & Dave, their only sister became Daisy. The weights were between 350-210g, they all are eating well and hopyfully growing fast. They are quite dark in colours, little Diesel is the blondest one.



A week of full of worrying is behind. First Wilda didn't produce milk as much as should be, so the puppies didn't grow so much daily as they could have been. Then, finally at Friday eve, it seems that milk production finally started properly. But it was a short joy... at Saturday morning the floor of puppy room was full of womit and poop and Wilda looking exhausted. At Vet she was checked, her blood values were ok, uterus ok, and diagnosis was bowel inflammation, possibly due that placenta of dead puppy she ate before I got it. So, do I need to say?, the milk disappeared again! So it was my turn to be a milkman and try to feed all the puppies so that their weights doesn't go down. It was succesfull and less succesful efforts with them, have to say, but at least they didn't lost weight and I felt I am at least doing something, after feeding night and day.
Today morning it seems (hopefully) that we're going to the better direction. Wilda is eating well, and it looks she's producing milk again, and the puppies has got weight almost normally since yesterday. So we live in hope that this is soon over, and the puppies are now growing fast as they could.



I am happy to tell, that everything is ok again with Wilda and puppies. It seems Wilda has a normal milk production now, and the puppies are growing more/normally. Of course they are quite tiny ones after all problems with milk etc and have some lead to catch up, but now it seems all those worries can be left behind, they are growing quite nicely, and seems to be happy and satisfied puppies. What a relief, after worrying so much, feeding them with milk substitute during one weekend etc.
And their eyes are open! Lovey times ahead, as they soon start to move more, not only eating and sleeping.


Puppies are 3 weeks and growing nicely. As they had so slow start, I started to give them RC starter mousse at Friday. And it was a success! Very tasty, seems the puppies been thinking after a careful tasting. They are also started to move more, it might ne only a matter of time when the first one raises to the edge of a whelping box. And the winner of the who's first on the edge-competiotion might be a black horse, as the tiny Danny seems to be my number one candidate, after following him and what he's doing.
Puppies also had their moments in publicity this week, as they posed at nationwide newspaper Iltasanomat, on it's Sunday extra, in a article handling what's needed if you're going to have a litter at home.


Puppies are now 4 weeks. During the last week they got a larger pen, where they can run and play safely.



The puppies are now 5 weeks and growing fast. They are playing more and more, and the noise then is already quite believable. And they've got teeth, a very painful experience for the poor breeder who's their practising target.




It was time to get out to the big world, meaning our garden. It happened on Friday, it was a moment of many wonders, but soon they all were exploring our home yard eagerly. It was fun to get outdoors. After that was a meal time then they all took a little nap. These new experiences are always very exhausting.



Puppies got names in this week. As their dad is a dutch import, they all got names after tulip species. So they are:
Dirlian Danny Blind : Danny
Dirlian Dark Star: Derek
Dirlian Dream World: Dylan
Dirlian Double Ace: Diesel
Dirlian Delta Red: Dale
Dirlian Don Orange : Dante
Dirlian Dutch Sunrise: Dave
Dirlian Double Sugar: Daisy
They all are also vet checked now. At the night before, they got a travelling box to explore, it was a great wonder and later very popular place to sleep. They all got clear papers, their bites are ok, and all the boys have those which boys should have.


A new year, and new adventures... After christmas puppies had visitors, Lexa's owner Sirpa came to meet Lexa's progeny and Aino came to took photos of them, thank you. They all were'nt so co-operative, but here they are, in order Dylan, Dave, Danny, Dante, Diesel, Dale, Derek& Daisy). Now they have started to move to their own homes, 4 of them has already gone, Dylan aka Rudi, Dave, Danny and Dante and Diesel will move on Sunday. Dale and Derek are still looking for a loving home, Daisy will stay home with us, she's already changed her name to Hippu, meaning Nugget in english, she's such a gold nugget in a litter of 7 males and only 1 bitchpuppy.


The time is flying again, almost 2 weeks since last updates. We still have 3 puppies home, Dale, Derek and my own Hippu. Derek found his own home this week, he'll be moving next week, and coming back for awhile on February, Dale is still looking his own loving home.
The weather has bees really cold in this week, but it seems puppies doesn't care much about it, they are as wild as usual when they are running outside to play. Of course they are there only short moments and may then run in the house instead.


Now we have only two puppies at home as Derek left to his own home yesterday and was named Bobby. Photos below are from the last time outdoors as a trio, with grannies of course. We're looking for a suitable loving home for Dale...


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